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Character Select! Character Select!

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Love the style! Just a few thoughts you should try seperating the noses from the hair/top of head so it doesn't look like its connected to the hair if you know what I mean, and maybe make some 'special' characters? Like a huge mech type of character or some creature similar to the skeletal rabbit at the end of the line, but that's just my opinion. Great work overall and I look forward to more like this if you are planning on posting any more!

Hand Sketch Hand Sketch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I like your art style I recomended you to the art portal,Its simple yet nice,like all the little wrinkle,Hand detail.Its very good! But makes me feel like you don't put up enough art! If you used this skill in an actual full person model,Or a big detailed person,or anything really you could be a pretty well known artist on Ng-!

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Viper90 responds:

-Well thanks! I intentionally didn't submit this to the art portal though...I believe sketches aren't allowed. Thanks for the thought though, and for being the first person to review my work.
-Yeah, I don't put up the majority of things I draw. I'm nervous about putting up my work simply for fear of it being distributed or modified without my consent. The things I put here are not 'serious' works, so I'm not particularly worried.
*I HAVE been working on more stuff though, so expect more from me soon.

Stick war Stick war

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Love it

I really like it its great,Awesome nice ammount of blood.
I was woundering if u are ok with me doing something similar to this? Ps I havnt been scouted yet so just so you know XD

TheOmiyan responds:

You haven't been scouted well then i'll see your stuff.